January 2019

Work With Your Own Organising Style

Have you ever spent hours organising a space to find that you struggle to keep it that way? Or you delay getting things done as you don’t really enjoy the process of getting organised?

While getting your home organised can be as dreaded a task as cleaning, it doesn’t have to be this bad.

Find your style.

There are some people who just love to organise and thrive on having everything in it’s place. Then there are those who are happy to ignore the clutter and life goes on around it. Then there is everyone else in between.

If you prefer to stack your paperwork into piles rather than file it away then go for it. If you like your shelves open so you can see your items rather than concealed in containers then that’s great too.

Working against the way your lifestyle runs can makes this process very difficult and having to conform to a ‘one style suits everyone’ type of organising can be quite stressful.

So before you start to organise an area, think of how your family lifestyle impacts your home. For little kids, there is bound to be lots of toys around but restricting this to a specific area or play room may work better for you. If your family tends to dump everything around your front door then allocate an area just for this so things don’t get lost. You may prefer to keep your possessions to a minimum so you know everything you have while others may prefer to keep everything – even if they are packed away almost forgotten.

As long as the areas in your home are defined and your items are labelled if necessary, any style of organisation works.

Find what works for you then get started – one drawer at a time, one room at a time. And soon enough you will have the stress free home environment you really desire.

See you next time!

Mei x

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