January 2019

How To Delegate Effectively

It seems these days that there is just so much to do. At work, at home and not just for ourselves, but our kids as well. It’s no wonder that we always feel that we are rushing around during the day going a million miles a minute. Plus many of us can’t switch off at night to get some much needed rest, only to wake up exhausted the next day to do it all over again!!

Sometimes, delegating some of our tasks is just the only way to get things done.

But what should we delegate?

There is the obvious chores at home if you live with others. Even though you can generally do these things 50 times quicker and with less whinging, you need to learn to ‘let go’ if you want to get it all done.

Then there are those things that you can have a professional do for you. From cleaning to ironing, gardening to car detailing… although you have to pay someone you must remember that a professional can get these tasks done in a fraction of the time it will take you. Plus they have their own special tools of the trade required to do it – also a time and money saver. So money well spent I feel.

Some examples around the home or office.

  • Food delivery service – shopping centres can be a massive time waster, not to mention the money wasted when you purchase more than require. Most grocery stores deliver s9 why not order online and have it delivered when it suits you.
  • Gardener – lawns and gardens can be quite labour intensive so I feel hiring a garden is well worth the money.
  • Cleaner – I don’t need to explain the benefits of hiring a cleaner, but there are many!
  • Window washer – this can be especially helpful if you have a multi level home or a home with lots of windows.
  • Ironing – another despised chore that many are happy to delegate.
  • Babysitter – having your children looked after, even for a few hours, makes the world of difference in getting things done. Distractions are such a time waster and kids are happier when they’re occupied and entertained.
  • Handyman – these guys some with their own tools and are experienced in doing those things around the home so can do the jobs in a fraction of the time.
  • Car detailing – this task is to mainly upkeep the appearance of the car. Definitely a money saver when the time comes to sell or trade in your car.
  • Professional organiser – the benefits of this are endless. A professional organiser will not only get your home functioning better but can give you peace of mind.
  • And at the office… an Office junior, virtual assistant, Social media expert or Apprentice can free you up to get the more important things done.

We just cant do it all sometimes and there is nothing wrong with easing the stress and delegating some of our tasks to someone else.

See you next time!

Mei x

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