January 2019

How To Multi Task Effectively

Multi-tasking is the ultimate way to get more done in your day. And when I say multi task, I don’t mean putting on mascara as you’re driving to work.

The experts say that multi-tasking is ineffective as your brain can only really focus on one task at a time. But while that might apply to important tasks that require a great deal of thought, I find that multitasking a boring job, such as ironing, together with something enjoyable (like watching TV) then it distracts us from the task at hand. I might even say I look forward to ironing!

Examples of where I multi task.

Each morning I unstack my dishwasher as I wait for the coffee machine to make my coffee. I regularly have the washing machine running while I work on my computer in my home office. And folding my laundry is always done in front of the TV so I can catch up on shows that have been pre-recorded.

When I meal plan, I always make numerous meals and snacks at once. I figure that I’m already in the kitchen for a couple hours so I might as well use the oven to bake something while I’m stirring a pot – I even use the time waiting for meals to wash, chop and store my fruit and veg for the week.

Get started today.

While dinner is cooking, spend the 10 minutes you need to wait to do another task around the home. If you’re worried about time getting away from you while you are occupied elsewhere, then make sure that you set a timer to remind you to check that dinner isn’t burning.

By creating these habits, I have managed to get more done in my day – sometimes almost twice as much! This massive time saver is something we all need as we all seem to be running out of time each day trying to get everything done.

See you next time!

Mei x

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