March 2019

Get Organised With Whiteboards

Do you try super hard to be organised by writing lists of things that need to be done? Do you get frustrated when important notes or lists that are written on paper, mysteriously disappear amongst the paperwork throughout your home? Or you can never find a pen or paper when you need to jot down those important things?

This is where whiteboards really do come in handy. And no, they aren’t just restricted to office spaces.

Use them where you need them.

It sounds simple and it is. The most popular places in the home that can benefit from whiteboards are:

  • Kitchen – keeping this on your pantry door comes in handy for jotting down shopping lists and grocery items as you use them.
  • Family Command Centre – these are a must in any family command centre or drop zone. This is an area where you can leave keys, devices to be charged, incoming mail, school permission slips that need to be completed etc. With the addition of a whiteboard, you can draw a weekly calendar with permanent marker and then important dates or kids activities can be marked in – then everything erased (except the calendar outline) to start again the following week.
  • Kids Rooms – great for younger kids to be to draw on and helpful for the older kids to keep track of schedules and things that are important.
  • Office – and of course the home office where you can keep track of bills to be paid and tasks that need to be completed.

And the extra benefits.

Multi function whiteboards have it all. Some have storage pockets, elastic straps, magnets and magnetic clips for hanging all your important memos. No more pegboards with sharp pins or dusty blackboards.

They are great for keeping together your bills, photos, kids artwork, social invitations and more. And being able to jot down notes, ideas, lists or anything that come to mind easily is such a time saver.

But by far the best use is that we can write then re-write over and over again.

See you next time!

Mei x

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