September 2018

Using The Same Coat Hangers In Your Wardrobe

Do you have one of those wardrobes where the coat hangers range from wire to flimsy plastic and everything in between? Have your coat hangers snapped or bent out of shape when a heavy coat has hung for too long? Do they get stuck together making a tangled mess?

There is a better way.

Finding one coat hanger that can take all your different types of clothes, will not only keep your clothes hanging nicely, but keep them in good condition too. A hanger that offers non slip ends to stop clothing falling off, rounded shoulders to keep clothing in good shape and hooks to hold strappy tops in place is definitely the way to go. Having the ability to hang skirt and trousers is an extra bonus. But I know it’s difficult to find that one ideal coat hanger for every type of clothing (and budget). So using specialised hangers for skirts and trousers, or wooden hangers for your heavy items, will keep them at their best and is money well spent.

Look after your clothing.

When you think of how much money you pay for your clothing, you want to ensure that these items stay in the best possible condition for as long as possible. Hanging them right can avoid pulls in fabric, stretching out of shape and tears and holes from wire coat hangers poking through. But most importantly, hanging them all together (hopefully organised by clothing type/colour etc) helps you see all those beautiful items you love to wear. Making getting ready each morning that little bit easier.

I find that most clothing can hang from a good quality plastic hanger without being overly expensive. This is a simple job that can be done in a couple hours over the weekend plus you can sort and de-clutter at the same time. Or why not get your girlfriends together for a glass of wine and a fashion parade. Pull everything out of your wardrobe, decide what clothing to keep & then hang it right.

Storing your clothing together with the same hangers will make your wardrobe look so much more organised plus it’s a real space saver too.

See you next time!

Mei x

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