September 2018

The Benefits Of Planning Your Week

I like to plan my week on a Sunday night. I make myself a cup of tea and get out my diary plus a note pad and pen. Since I prefer to clean my house and grocery shop on a Monday, this planning on a Sunday night really helps set up my week. Depending on the weather, and how may afternoon/evening activities we have, I decide what meals I have time to make fresh on the day and what really needs to be prepped in advance.

As I work from home, I first look at the appointments already scheduled in and then plan what work commitments need to be achieved this week. The spaces around these days and times usually get filled in with errands or kids activities. If I have a crazy busy week, my meal planning is based around those busy days. Then leftovers meals or made ahead meals mean I save time in the kitchen. I do enjoy cooking but some days when I arrive home late, it’s just not preferable to be in the kitchen any longer than I have to.

Why plan your week?

With the hectic lifestyles we currently have, it seems like each week is coming and going at lightning speed. We are just so busy doing our usual routine that we forget the extras that need to be done from time to time. Like arranging a costume for your child for book week (eek!). Or that dentist appointment that you meant to book 4 months ago.

How to plan your week.

Firstly you will need to look at your calendar or diary to see what work commitments, deadlines, appointments, task and activities you already have booked in.

Then jot down the tasks that you need to complete this week (and any leftover from last week) and see where you can schedule them in. Making sure you prioritise them in order of importance.

Then you can decide whether any meals need to be planned in advance for those days where you are getting home too late to prepare anything from scratch.

And lastly some tips.

* Be flexible if things don’t always go to plan to avoid any extra stress.
* Check your schedule the night before so you can make sure your alarm is set early (if needed) or uniforms/clothing/school lunches are prepared in advance.
* Be realistic on time frames and make allowances for delays such as appointments running over time or traffic issues.
* Group tasks together if they are in similar locations to avoid time wasted in traffic.

And most importantly, plan in family time or down time to make sure you get some much needed rest!

See you next time!

Mei x

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