September 2018

Save Storage Space With Space Bags

The statements on the Original Space Bags packaging promises so much:

‘Store 4x more that in boxes and bins!’        ‘Airtight, waterproof, reusable’         

‘Protects against insects, dirt, mildew and odours’

‘Compress, protect, organise’          ‘Easy to store and stack!’

This is why space bags are so popular and why I love to use them. There will always be a need to store items that aren’t used all the time. Like extra bedding for when guests arrive. Or hand me down clothing from one sibling to another when they aren’t quite at the right size yet.

Simple to use.

The instructions aren’t that difficult to follow although two people are sometimes needed to secure the zip in those large space bags that store doona’s and pillows. But the space they save is truly amazing. And it can be quite satisfying when a large bag shrinks down to a quarter of its size in the blink of an eye. My trick is to fill and close the bag as instructed, then place it into the tub or area it will be stored in. This way, when you vacuum the air out, you can press it into the edges of the space to ensure it fits perfectly within, with no wasted space. I’ve stored baby clothes this way and made the initial mistake of trying to fit an already compressed bag into a storage tub – don’t do it.

Different space bags.

The larger bags are great for doona’s and pillows. The medium and large sized are best for winter jumpers and seasonal clothing while not in use. The hanging space bags are ideal for suits, coats or dresses. Then there are the travel space bags which are my favourites. We are a family of pillow travellers and don’t really go anywhere without them. The travel space bags don’t need a vacuum as they easily roll up to get rid of the excess air. They aren’t just great for pillows though, they are perfect for saving space in your suitcase. Take them along on your next holiday to ensure you have room for those purchases you want to bring home.

Their strong air tight seal helps prevent damage to your items while they are being stored. With them being reusable, they are well worth the investment!

See you next time!

Mei x

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