September 2018

Spring Cleaning Time

Well it’s that time of the year again. Love it or loathe it, spring cleaning is a task that will definitely make you feel better as you clean away the dust and grime that has built up. While you’re at it, why not de-clutter and get rid of those things you haven’t used since last spring?

Do it right.

Spring cleaning doesn’t mean endless hours of more cleaning. There are certainly jobs that can be done in stages. Or some that can be added to your weekly clean without you even noticing… much. Or do it room by room if you don’t have the time to get it all done in a weekend.

Effective Cleaning.

In my Effective Cleaning workshops, I discuss four different types of cleaning. There is your weekly clean which will leave your home neat, tidy and organised. The quick clean is great for when you only have 20 min to tidy up. The seasonal clean is perfect for the change of each season (or during school holidays and getting the kids to help). And the annual clean is something that should be done to prevent that unsightly build up of dirt and dust.

WEEKLY CLEAN: set your oven timer or digital timer & get started –
• grab a laundry basket & collect all items laying around, returning them to where they should be
• load & start the dishwasher & washing machine
• spray all countertops, surfaces & toilets & leave it to soak in
• start in the first room dusting from top to bottom, wipe surfaces, make bed or straighten furniture then vacuum (check out my last blog post about How a Vacuum Cleaner Extension Cord Can Help You)
• move onto next room & repeat
• mop all floor surfaces

QUICK CLEAN: for when guests are coming over without much notice –
• grab a laundry basket & collect all the items laying around
• apply toilet cleaner to the toilet bowl & give a quick scrub
• wipe down bathroom bench tops & get rid of streaks on mirrors
• wipe down kitchen countertops
• vacuum high traffic areas
• wipe over visible stains on floors with damp towel
• straighten sofa cushions & books or magazines
• open some windows to give your home a fresh clean smell

SEASONAL CLEAN: school holidays is a great reminder to do some seasonal cleaning…why not get the kids to help?
• clean windows
• clean oven
• clean under fridge
• clean under lounge chairs
• sort & clean pantry (do this just before bin collection day)
• sort & clean fridge & freezer (do this just before bin collection day)
• sort & clean cabinets
• clean bins
• general de-clutter (check out my blog post How To De-clutter Everything)
• wash pillows & blankets
• wipe over skirting boards
• wipe off grubby wall marks

ANNUAL CLEAN: for those jobs that just need to be done –
• upholstery treatments (hire someone to do this if you can)
• steam clean carpets (hire someone to do this if you can)
• wash curtains
• clean exhaust fans & range hood

The jobs in the checklists above aren’t too in depth (no cleaning silver or waxing furniture) as I like to keep it simple and realistic. With the way life is at the moment I know most people struggle with a weekly clean let alone a spring clean.

But, getting these jobs done throughout the year will help keep your home and possessions in good condition.

See you next time!

Mei x

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