April 2019

Using Hooks For Storage In Your Home

Have you run out of storage space in your home? While most homes have run out of space, we also have a lot more ‘stuff’ to store.

And there are certainly better ways we could be storing our things to really maximise the space. And one of my most use tricks to creating space where you just didn’t think there was any – is by using hooks.

Are you using your door and wall space?

There is a lot of unused space on our doors and walls and by simply installing a hook system, we can utilise vertical space.

You might be thinking that you can’t or don’t want to drill holes (although this is advisable for holding heavy loads) – hooks don’t always need to be permanently fixed into place.

Other options include over the door hooks or suction material hooks. These solutions are perfect for those renting their homes or who just want to try a temporary system first. They are also reusable which makes them super versatile for any areas around your home.

Where to use hooks in your home.

Hooks in your kitchen cupboards are great for storing tea towels and hooks on your walls can store commonly used utensils, making them easily accessible.

Hooks in your bathroom can store towels to dry when not in use. In bedrooms they can store dressing gowns or winter jackets and coats that are worn every day. And entry ways can store school bags once the kids come home from school or keys so they don’t keep getting lost.

By creating an allocated space with hooks for items that are used regularly, it will also keep them from being left around making the house look messy. Plus they can easily be reached as required.

This is definitely a simple job for you to tackle this weekend.

See you next time!

Mei x

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