April 2019

Colour Coding Your Office Files

Is your office filing shelves full of dull lifeless coloured files? I know that files are functional but they can be fun too…

Colour coding your files is just a simple way of categorising your file types, making them recognisable at a glance. This type of filing is used in large corporate offices but the basic principle can work for your home office too.

Group like files together.

Once you have grouped the same types of files together you can get started on colour coding them. For example, you may want to keep all household expenses together, investment files together or taxation info together. Each family member may have their files in different colours or you may prefer to group categories such as insurances or health together instead. You get the idea.

Recognise them at a glance.

Not only will you recognise your files at a glance, making it easier to locate them, it also makes them easier to store as the same colours should be filed together – and they will look out of place if filed incorrectly. I would still always recommend labelling your files so you know exactly what is filed inside – colour coding is just categorising your system one step further.

Your usually boring toned office will have a more cheerful vibrancy to it once you colour code your files. And if you’re like me and love arts and crafts, then you can go crazy using different patterned papers, designs and colours.

This is also a good excuse to overhaul your office filing system and de-clutter that paperwork that is no longer required – just make sure you shred your personal information though!

See you next time!

Mei x

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