April 2019

Store Out Of Season Clothing With Space Bags

When you need that favourite piece of clothing that’s perfect for your event, it always seems to be lost to the back of the wardrobe amongst clothes that aren’t even in season.

Storing absolutely everything we own, regardless of the whether we are wearing it, is a typical example of why our wardrobes are bursting at the seam – plus the fact that most of us have too many clothes!

Store It Right.

Winter clothes taking up majority of the space in your wardrobe when its summer, just doesn’t make sense. Not only does this make it hard to store everything but your clothing can become damaged when it’s just shoved in to try to make it fit. Or worse, in piles on the floor.

And while this will probably not stop us from buying in excess (we all love a sale!) storing our out of season clothing elsewhere, means we can really see the clothing that is wearable right now.

Space Bags Are A Space Saver!

My favourite product to use when storing out of season clothing, is space bags. Not only can they triple your storage space but they are airtight, waterproof, re-usable and will protect your clothes against dirt, mildew and odours.

My top tip.

If you have a large family and could easily store a number of space bags away for the season, then its worth also storing them in tubs. Vacuum the air out of the space bags once they are in the tubs ensuring that you push the bags into the corners of the tubs, using up every bit of space – repeat this till the tub is full. It is extremely difficult to store space bags in tubs after the air has been taken out as the bags stiffen up. Once done, your tubs can be stacked away neatly. Make sure you label the contents so if you need something, you know where to find it.

I also like to store my shoes in seasonal categories. All my summer sandals and strappy high heeled shoes fit nicely in a tub under the bed. They are easy to access when needed but aren’t in the way of my everyday shoes, especially in winter when I mainly wear enclosed shoes.

A lot of our hard earned money is spent on clothing and shoes, so storing them right so they last longer, is definitely a money saver.

See you next time!

Mei x

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Do you store your out of season clothing in space bags? Send me a comment as Id love to hear from you 🙂

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