April 2019

The Importance Of Using To Do Lists

You know the daily tasks that need to be done every day. Your kids know the daily tasks that they need to be doing every day. However, when life gets hectic and distractions happen (as they always do) everyone seems to forget what needs to be done. So in the end, nothing gets done!

It’s hard to focus.

There is just so much going on in our heads these days that we struggle to focus on the tasks at hand and can forget even the simplest of things. When we finally get going, our progress is soon cut short with constant distractions and interruptions.

Create lists for recurring tasks.

Kid’s chores are a perfect example of tasks that need to be done constantly. Though no matter how many times they are told, they still seem to get missed. If you are distracted elsewhere then you know that nothing will be getting done. All you end up with is yelling and screaming and raised stress levels!

For tasks that are done on a regular basis, write up the list and laminate it. This way you can check off once done and wipe clean for a new day or week.

Weekly or monthly cleaning schedules help you check off what needs to be done so nothing gets missed.

Even though party planning can be different each time, having a basic checklist for the things that need to be done will definitely save you time and money.

Write your list the night before.

Your daily to do list should be written the night before so you know how your day is going to run – and what time to set your alarm clock. Creating this list also helps get the ideas out of your head and you can see potential problems or time wasters before they start. Like tasks that can be done at the same time or errands in the same locations.

Writing a list of the meals you want to make for the week is a massive time and money saver. It helps keep your stress levels down when you know what meals your family will be eating. Plus it makes it super simple to shop for these items and prep or plan around those crazy bust weeknights when activities or events can make life chaotic.

A word of warning though… Try not to write down more than five things on the list or you run the risk of being overwhelmed and just avoiding it altogether. If this sounds like you then aim for three tasks only, prioritise them in order of importance, then start at number one.

Creating lists will help keep your families schedules running on time creating a happier healthier household.

See you next time!

Mei x

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