March 2019

The Benefits Of Freezer Food

You’ve had a chaotic day, the kids are at each other’s throats and you’re looking forward to nothing more than putting you feet up when you walk through the door… but then you realise you need to get started on dinner!?! Stress levels rise as you contemplate ‘take-away’ food for the second time this week.

While nothing can prepare you for those really crappy days, a prepared meal from the freezer certainly helps. Less time spent in the kitchen prepping a meal and less dishes to clean up afterwards means more time relaxing with your family.

Save time & money.

I cannot get all the things done in my week if I didn’t take advantage of my freezer. I always have some sort of pre-prepared snack or meal in my freezer which saves me so much time in my week for other important things.

Buying foods in bulk or when they’re on special is also a money saver. But making sure you don’t waste this saved money is just as important. Any excess food  gets labelled and stored in the freezer to be used another time, like stocks or sauces. Plus by making a bulk batch of snacks for the freezer means I can just put them in the oven (from frozen) to be cooked fresh when needed.

Perfect items for the freezer.

  • Pre made dinners like lasagne, soups or curries – this way you can just reheat and eat.
  • Part made dinners like slow cooked meats or pasta sauce – means minimal prep time just making the sides.
  • Snacks like scrolls, homemade sausage rolls or muffins – means lunchboxes are always packed or hungry kids can be fed straight after school.
  • Leftovers are perfect for lunches or single meals.
  • Excess food like sauces, cheese, stock, bread, dough  – don’t let them go to waste.
  • Fruits & Veg – all fruits make great smoothies and veggies like beans, corn, spinach, kale etc can be added to stews or soups as required.

If you have a couple hours free this weekend then why not try making a couple meals up in advance for those rushed week night dinners. The effort is well worth it.

See you next time!

Mei x

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