August 2018

Storing Your Handbags

There are many ways to store your handbags. The best way for you really depends on how you use them and how much space you have. Do you have an everyday handbag and then a selection of clutches for different occasions? Do you use numerous everyday handbags and switch between them depending on your mood or outfit?

Storing your handbags doesn’t need to be difficult.

In my last post I mentioned my love of showing guests how to organise their wardrobes during my in home party demonstrations (check out the post –  Reasons to Use a Scarf Holder here). One simple solution in my product range is the Zia Handbag Holder by InterDesign. Made with clear plastic and polished chrome, it can hold up to 4 handbags on your hanging rail.

This is the perfect storage solution for those everyday bags to help keep them neat and tidy.

I also like to use a large stackable shoe box which is great for keeping those smaller bags and clutches dust free. Being stackable, this solution also helps utilise shelf space.

And lastly, using something as simple as the Kiss Kiss Folding Pouch with two compartments and a zip pouch. Perfect for storing lip gloss, band aids, medication etc that you like to keep with you. This is especially helpful if you like to swap your everyday handbag – just transfer the pouch to your current bag knowing that all your essentials are together ready for when you need them.

Save your time by being able to see all your beautiful handbags at a glance. Save your money by keeping your handbags in great condition making them last longer.

If your handbags are making a mess of your wardrobe then get them organised today!

See you next time,
Mei x

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