November 2018

Create Storage By Adding A Shelf To Your Cupboard

Cupboards are the number one type of storage built into most homes. Most shelves are spaced between 300-400mm apart, which is great for large things, but not so great for our smaller items. It’s no wonder that most people feel they just don’t have enough space in their homes.

There is just not enough space.

We have linen cupboards where we stack piles of linen hoping for it to stay neat. Our kitchen cupboards store our plates and cups with so much wasted space above. Most standard built in wardrobes only come with a rail for hanging clothes and one shelf. Some homes just aren’t large enough to have a lot of extra furniture for storage, so we have to rely on what comes with the home.

The solution is simple.

By adding a shelf to a cupboard you potentially have the ability to double your storage space. Or at the least, create a neater area where you don’t need to stack 20 items in a pile – they can be separated into a couple piles making it easier to see and access what you have. A simple shelf to a linen cupboard, for example, allows folded sheets to be stored below with the matching pillow cases above.

Cupboards with adjustable shelving are easy – your local hardware has adjustable shelf pins and will usually cut your timber to size. By adding shelves at a height that specifically matches what you are storing, you maximise your storage space. Below is an example or a cupboard where I added two additional shelves to store some of the products I sell in my catalogue. Every centimetre of space is utilised!

For those that need a simpler solution, stackable shelves, like the one below, are great for kitchens, pantries or anywhere in your home that store a lot of smaller items.

This is another of those simple jobs that require very little time and money but is well worth the effort.

If you are adding a shelf to your cupboard this weekend then why not do some de-cluttering at the same time?

See you next time!

Mei x

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