November 2018

Repurposing Your Items

Repurposing your items doesn’t always mean you have to create it into something completely different – think timber pallet into a coffee table. It simply means that some things in your home, that had an intended purpose in the beginning, can be used elsewhere in the home. Without the need to throw it away or purchase something new.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…Repurpose.

With environmental issues being big news these days, it helps to avoid wastage where possible. Items that were originally intended for use in one room, when no longer needed, can certainly be moved to another room or area with a different purpose.

An example of this is when we move into our new home and my red multi-tiered storage cube (which suited the style of our last home) no longer suited our new home. Its original purpose was a display unit and room divider, but now, it fits perfectly in our store room under the stairs. The different tiers were a perfect fit under the concrete angles under the staircase. Plus, just by adding additional shelf space, it made this into an incredibly space efficient storage unit – with the addition of labels of course.

Do you have items to repurpose?

When organising my client’s homes or offices, I always find ways to repurpose their furniture. You won’t often find me without my tape measure! A simple measure of the furniture dimensions will quickly determine whether these items can be repurposed in another space.

If you like a bit of DIY, then you can add some additions to improve its use? If you like arts and crafts, then why not add some paint or decorative touches to dress it up a bit?

Repurposing is a great way to reduce your waste and is a simple way to save money as well.

See you next time!

Mei x

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