December 2018

Keeping Your Worktops Clutter Free

Do you ever just dump your things on the benchtop the second you walk through the door, with the intention of putting them away or sorting through them as soon as you can? Only to find that when you return, those few things have now multiplied into many… It’s now such a large pile, that the thought of sorting it out is just too overwhelming so you ignore it instead!?

A sure way to lose important items.

Having items all over your counter tops not only makes your house look messy, but makes it impossible to find those important things that inevitability get left there. Think bills, school permissions slips, urgent work that you brought home from the office. It also makes it hard to work effectively around cluttered areas. Keeping them clear can help your mind focus on the task at hand rather than the distractions of all that stuff.

We all have incredibly busy lifestyles so I understand why piles of clutter happen. But double or triple handling your items is such a time waster – not to mention how much time is wasted or how high your blood pressure rises when you spend hours looking for things!

Use a simple two pile system.

While the best system is always putting your items where they belong the first time, I know this is not always practical.

By setting up a two pile system, you can sort your items instantly into whether they are urgent and need to be dealt with straight away or whether they can left for later. This system, however, will only work if the urgent pile is attended to every day or at least every second. Make a habit of sorting through this pile after dinner or when the kitchen is being cleaned or the kids are in bed… whatever suits your schedule. If you don’t set up this habit, you will still end up with clutter all over the counter tops, just in two piles.

When you have arrived home at the end of the day and your kids are doing their after school or evening routine, have them help by sorting out and putting away the non-urgent items in the pile. This way, you are only left to sort through the important stuff that requires decision making. Make sure that you only look at those items when you have dedicated time in doing so. If not you will keep picking them up and putting them down and never really getting anything done.

If worktop clutter is driving you crazy, then why not set up this simple system today.

See you next time!

Mei x

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