May 2019

Why You Must Use The One In One Out Rule

Christmas has just passed and even though you promised you weren’t going to go overboard this year, your kids got spoilt.. again… and now they have an excess of toys, on top of what they already had! Now their birthdays are nearing and you curse the thought of them getting even more stuff while perfectly good (and new) toys are being left unplayed with, gathering dust and adding to the mess of your home. It’s driving you crazy!!

How to get your kids to follow the rule.

Birthdays are a perfect time to follow this rule. Especially when it comes to kids toys. Having them decide what toys should stay and which can go is an important decision that they must do. If they struggle to let things go then lay their items side by side and tell them they can only keep a certain amount. When they know they can only keep 10 soft toys and they have 20, their favourites will always be chosen first and the rest can be given away or donated.

How can the rest of us follow the rule?

This principle applies to many other things around the home. Clothing is something we are constantly buying but never really getting rid of. If you have a habit of shopping for more clothes and shoes and you don’t really wear a lot of what you have, then getting rid of your things will be the only way to stop the clutter building up. Selling your pre-loved, great condition clothing is a great way to put some cash in your pocket.. and not an excuse for a shopping spree!

If you can’t decide what to get rid of then turn all your hangers back to front. Only turn them the right way once they have been worn. Any hangers still left back to front after six months, you should get rid of.

Before you grocery shop, make sure your fridge, freezer and pantry items are all used up (or can be used with the addition of a few more things). Do not buy more products when you have enough stock in your cupboard to fill a small grocery store – One of the biggest time and money wasters in our homes is wasted food!

Why not try this rule in your home this weekend?

See you next time!

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