July 2018

Cable and Cord Solutions

There always seems to be a never ending supply of cables and cords lying around the house. And you can never actually tell which cord goes to what. Especially when you need it the most. And the mess they make when they get tangled.. yuck!

Avoid those tangled messes.

Setting up your cords correctly the first time can save you from having to detangle a cluttered mess later. And not looking after then properly can damage them, which can then stop them working properly – and waste your money.

There are some simple solutions.

Little cable tags (you can make or buy these) that you attach to the base of plugs, help you recognise which cords go to what – this is really handy for large power boards when every plug looks the same. It’s also quite helpful to have both ends of the cords labelled for things like computers, TV’s etc.

For cords that you need to keep, like charging cables to cameras, I store them in ziplock bags with their instruction manuals and any other relevant info. This is helpful if I ever get rid of them as well as the new owner has all the product details.

Having tubs or baskets where you can keep all your extensions cords, double adaptors and power boards together, will help you know where to go when you need them. If you have quite a few extension cords, labelling their length can be really handy so you don’t unravel a 10m cord when you really only needed 2m.

For the cables and cords behind TV units that just end up tangled and collecting dust, I like to wind them up and use twist ties to keep them neat. It’s so much easier to keep the area clean as well.

If you have a tangled mess somewhere or a box of unrecognisable cables and cords then hopefully some of these tips will inspire you to start getting them organised.

See you next time!

Mei x

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