December 2018

Labelling Your Paint Tins

Have you ever decided that this is the weekend to touch up those chips and cracks on the walls in your home? You’ve been delaying it for weeks and finally decided to bite the bullet… but you’ve gone to your shed and found about a half dozen paint tins that are unrecognisable as to what colour they are, which room you used them in and unsure of the date they were purchased?

Or worse, you’ve opened a tin with the right colour for the room only to find out after it’s dried that it’s the semi gloss finish you used on the door trims and you actually needed the matt finish for the walls.. I’ve learnt this one from personal experience!?!

But aren’t the details on the tin?

The problem lies in the fact that most paint tins are labelled with the details on the side of the tin. But while you’re focused on finishing your painting project, you haven’t notice that the paint has dripped over this label making it impossible to read.

Create your own label.

I find that the lid is the perfect place for your new label to stay. If you’re not printer savvy, then masking tape will do. Even better, if it’s a white lid then a black marker is all you need.

I like to list the paint colour, paint brand, finish type, date purchased and room it was used in. This information is enough for those touch ups that are inevitable from time to time.

Being able to touch up the marks on your walls, doors and door frames easily, will save you so much time in the long run instead of having to repaint whole rooms. Plus it keeps your rooms looking nice and new for longer. Bonus!

If you have a half hour spare this weekend, then why not get into the garage, get rid of the tins you don’t use and if you can, relabel the tins you want to keep for future use.

See you next time!

Mei x

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